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Delivered a nice project today, compressor installation, NAILI bulkheads / vane compressors.
Sicomat pipeline network, construction of compressor room, construction of complete electrical installation, ductwork for the supply and removal of clean and warm air in and out of the compressor room. 

Koremans group is one of the Naili recognized dealers in the Netherlands. Thanks to the expertise of the Koremans group in collaboration with Q Plus, the customer has formulated a question to arrive at the most optimal and reliable compressed air supply for a new-build situation to expand the production facility. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an important factor in this. The advantage of a vane compressor over other techniques is the simplicity of the machine. As a result, maintenance work on such a machine can be carried out quickly and easily. Add to that the fact that there are very few parts subject to wear and tear and you quickly come to the conclusion that this is where the first profit in the TCO can be made.

In addition, great gains can be made on energy consumption. Because the compressor oil does not require a long post-cooling time, the post-run time (no load) is negligible compared to, for example, a screw compressor. In this situation it was decided to install three smaller 7.5 kW compressors in cascade instead of one large 22 kW compressor.

During the consumption analysis it appeared that only in a few peak situations a capacity of 22kW was required; at all other times of the day, 15 kW proves to be more than adequate.

In addition to energy savings, this set-up also immediately created a back-up situation. Because there is usually only demand for two compressors, there is always one compressor as a backup and the operating hours will increase evenly due to the cascade control. This spreads the maintenance costs. If expansion is desired in the future, it can be expanded modularly to a maximum of 16 compressors. Conclusion; an energetically optimal solution with a low TCO and good redundancy.


In addition to the consumption analysis, an inventory was made of the required compressed air quality in accordance with ISO8573-1: 2010, desired location in the building, required buffers and compressed air distribution to consumers. On this basis, the Koremans group realized the construction of the entire technical area and compressed air pipes. In addition to the required floor space, a sufficient supply of air and removal of the heated cooling air through custom-made ventilation channels were of course considered. In addition to the three Naili AB 7.5 kW compressors, the necessary basic filtration (cyclone filter, coarse filter, fine filter), an adsorption dryer and a 900 liter buffer tank have been installed. The Sicomat piping system was used to connect all these components.



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